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Jon AI is a company that operates in South Africa and Mozambique, building Chatbots for all kinds of websites. We work with enterprises in the utilities, telecom, finance, insurance, tech, education and more.

We build the Chatbot with the data you provide us, data we get from your website, data we get from past chats, and with common sense data relevant to your business.

We strive to answer every chat question with the most relevant information, and to provide the best possible experience for your website visitors.

Our AI doesn't hallucinate, it doesn't lie, it doesn't make up information. Everything comes from the data. We keep monitoring chats and if we can not answer a question, we update the knowledge base.

AI Chatbot South Africa

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Contact us to get started with your Chatbot.

We give unlimited Chats, unlimited users, and unlimited data.

You will have access to a dashboard where you can see all your Chats, and you can manage your Chatbot.

We provide training on-location, monthly reports and analytics, and a support team.

The contract term is a minimum of one year, except for Chatbots for events, where the term is a minimum of three months.

We use two in-house AI Models, one called Pastor (natural language to knowledge base search and find), and the main called Synapse (natural language processing, categorization, intention matching and language generation). They do Natural Language Processing, and text generation.

Our Chatbots can be built either in english or portuguese, and take into account the local variant, South African English or Mozambican Portuguese.


WhatsApp or Call: +258 84 610 8878

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