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Jon AI is a company founded in Maputo, Mozambique, Africa, by Stélio Inácio, solo founder with full ownership. We specialize in tech for developing nations. Our mission is to equalize and advance the human race. Our main products are Digital and Apps.

Online Digital Manager for your Business

Digital Manager

Digital Manager is a Small Business Management Software that can help small businesses manage their business and get important information such as profit and cash flow so they can keep operating and growing their businesses.

It works by having the business owner give information on his fixed costs, his products, stock, price and costs, and registering ever sale.

Most businesses in developing nations such as in Africa, a micro business that need this software to keep in business and we are doing our best to promote it and keep improving it.

This Software uses AI to register sales, and to give actionable advice to business owners.

Online Digital Manager


Over the 2 years that we have been operating we have developed an Invoicing Software, an Attendance Software and a Logbook Software.

This product was then separated from the rest and became Apps.

Apps is a Stock Management and Control Software, Inventory Software and Invoicing Software

We have invoicing all types of businesses, invoicing for shops or stores, and recurring invoicing for businesses that require monthly payments like gyms or landlords.

Soon Apps will also support ticketing for buses, events, cinemas and more.

Apps is currently being used and can be tested on the link below.

Invoicing Software
Software for Thermal Printers

Bluetooth Thermal Printers

We will be selling thermal printers to be used with our Apps software. The printers will be connected to the Apps software via Bluetooth.

We will have 80mm and 58mm printers available.

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Attendance Software

Our Attendance Software that requires a special 11.6 inch tablet with a camera to scan documents and a fingerprinter scanner. The software is used to take attendance of employees or students.

The big advantage of this software is that it provides attendance details to both the employer and the employee in real time.


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Jon AI is seeking funding to expand its operations and to develop new products. We will also be going in smart energy and mobility. We will be the biggest tech company in Africa.


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