In the Future all Softwares will have an AI Chat Bar

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We are currently living through one of the most decisive and remarkable moments of the 21st century. A true technological revolution led by AI and LLMs. In just over a year the way we interact with computers has changed forever, and soon every type of software and technology will reflect this.

One area in particular interests me, an area in which my company Jon Artificial Intelligence operates through our software Apps (Invoice and Billing Sofware with AI Chat Bar). I am talking about management software, which includes billing, attendance, HR, procurement, inventory and finance. I am very interested in knowing how management software will look like in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

To answer this question, we first need to try to make a prediction of what the company or store of the future will be like, and to do so, let’s make some assumptions:

1. Powered by Data: the store of the future will be powered by data and will generate a huge amount of data for every second of operation.

2. Speed: everything will take a fraction of the time it takes now, from placing the order, processing the order and delivering the products.

3. IoT Connectivity: everything will have an internet connection, from the hangers or shelves, to the barcode of the products themselves.

4. Humanity: not everything will necessarily be automated, humans will still have an important role to play, especially since the act of shopping has an important human component.

Well, taking these premises into account, the question arises: What will be the user interface for the management software at a store of the future?

And the answer is that no matter what interface choices developers make, they will definitely all include a Chat bar, which will always be in view.

This chat bar will be able to do any operation the software requires, from changing settings to generating documents. With this chat interface, the user will have access to all store data in fractions of a second. For example, in a clothing store, it will be possible to know which item of clothing received the least attention, how many minutes on average customers spent on certain hangers, which sales occurred between 10 am and 11 am. The manager will be able to obtain information such as which worker served the most customers, how many customers purchased because they were served by a certain worker, what the store’s energy or water consumption is, and even control the workers’ attendance. So there will be an effort to consolidate all the different software modules in a single database or system that the chat interface can access.

I believe that all software companies will have a LLM developer, just like they have a frontend and backend developer. Certainly there will be LLM frameworks that developers can quickly integrate with their codebase and database, but it will be so common to have an LLM functionality as it is common for a website to have javascript.

It is quite possible that in the future all software will have a text bar waiting to receive any question and give any answer at any given time. We will only be limited by our imagination and our information needs. This is a future I would like to contribute to.

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